chanting in the usa…

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A brilliant start to the month this morning. My buddhist friend and fellow sgi-uk member sue thornton and I made it to the LA friendship center for an amazing meeting. The members were in great form - energetic and inspiring. The perfect way to celebrate my 14 year gohonzon receiving day. Here's to the next 14!

life in the franklin hills…

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So happy to be settled in los feliz for the next few weeks as I prepare for the book launch. Yoga with noah williams on hyperion, chanting with the buddhists in silverlake, and the occasional day on the beach with my bestie louise. all great for getting the creative juices to flow...

legendary love

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A John Lennon/Yoko Oko kinda love...

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a watery friend

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Up at 2.30am to drive down to the coast to catch sunrise for a photoshoot. Skies were magnificent and the tide was high. And this friendly sea creature was there to welcome us, playing in the water for a good 20 minutes while we worked. According to the shamans, seals are symbolic of sex and love. There couldn't have been [...]


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Yesterday I popped my bonnet. Quite literally. Leaving the park after the morning dog walk I was in really high spirits. The walk had energised me. I was all set for the day ahead. But as I drove over one of the speed bumps leaving the park, I obviously hit it too fast. The car banged down onto the track hard [...]