How I came to practise cold laser therapy

It was always my natural inclination to want to relieve suffering. As a child I aimed to become a doctor, but as a natural Humanities student I was deterred from a career in Western medicine. In the early ’90s I volunteered for the Terrence Higgins Trust and spent 5 years as a buddy at the height of the AIDS crisis in the UK. My career in brand communications, however, continued to take precedence.

I began to study Eastern medicine in 2006 with the late Jon Sandifer, who trained me as a Feng Shui consultant. Jon’s approach to Feng Shui was holistic, focusing as much on the 5 Element acupuncture system within the human body as it did on the movement of energy through external space. I was accredited by the UK Feng Shui Society in 2006 and have practised as a professional Feng Shui consultant ever since.

When I met Professor Gordon Farmer MD in 2014 my transition to practising medicine full time was made possible. Having witnessed the powerful effect of Cold Laser on treating post traumatic stress (PTSS) my interest was suitably stirred. That Professor Farmer had devised a system of integrating Cold Laser with the body’s autoimmune (lymphatic) system which correlates with the 5 element acupuncture system cemented my inquiry. I began to study with Professor Farmer immediately and was granted a Diploma by the UK Institute of Laser Therapists (UKITL) in May 2015.

My recently published book, DRAGON KING’S DAUGHTER: ADVENTURES OF A SEX AND LOVE ADDICT  narrates my personal journey from childhood abuse and its far reaching consequences to my recovery by practising a holistic approach to healing, that is, an equal focus on mind, body and spirit.

  • Psychotherapy and 12 Step therapy for the mental aspects of recovery
  • Yoga and Cold Laser for the physical
  • Meditation and a Buddhist practice for spiritual and emotion release.

Cold laser therapy was a late but essential piece of the jigsaw in my story, and I am honoured to have Professor Farmer as my mentor – the person who has pioneered Cold Laser worldwide for the last 30 years. Our meeting brings one of the key elements of my book to a happy conclusion in the final pages, as does the success in transforming my own health and wellbeing.

DRAGON KING’S DAUGHTER is available on Amazon Worldwide – click here to purchase.

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About the Author:

Ruth Phypers casts a unique light on female empowerment through a fully integrated mind body and spirit approach to recovery, healing and sexuality. She is a living example of how to transform the shame of sexual and emotional abuse into feminine strength and is a positive role model. Ruth runs a Harley Street medical practice in Photomedicine (Low Level Laser Photobiomodulation) focusing on addiction/trauma recovery, pain relief, youthful ageing and natural beauty aesthetics. She studies yoga and meditation from both practical and academic perspectives. A Buddhist since 2001 and a third series Astanga Yoga practitioner, Ruth has a Masters (Distinction) in the Traditions of Yoga and Meditation from SOAS, University of London and is currently in the research phase of a Doctorate in feminine liberation through sexuality and spirituality. Ruth’s published work DRAGON KING’S DAUGHTER – ADVENTURES OF A SEX AND LOVE ADDICT narrates her transformational story of how sexual shame became the source of power, strength and unconditional happiness.