Here is a little bit about me:

Living with unhealed trauma, particularly from abuse, feels like going through life without any clothes – unprotected, ashamed and exposed. Although the original wounds may be from many years before, in reality, trauma and addiction recovery continues throughout one’s entire life. During my years of recovery from trauma, addiction and abuse, I have developed a solution for living healthily and happily, both as an independent woman and also within intimate relationships. This I am able to share with my clients as a path to joyful living. I’ve also shared this journey in the novel: Dragon King’s Daughter.

I aim to cast a unique light on female empowerment through a fully integrated mind body and spirit approach to recovery, healing and sexuality. I strive to be a living example of how to transform the shame of sexual and emotional abuse into feminine strength and is a positive role model.

My Harley Street medical practice in Photomedicine (Low Level Laser Photobiomodulation) focuses on addiction/trauma recovery, pain relief, youthful ageing and natural beauty aesthetics. I also offer Counselling and Coaching for recovery from Trauma and Addiction.

I study yoga and meditation from both practical and academic perspectives. A Buddhist since 2001 and a third series Astanga Yoga practitioner, I hold a Masters Degree (Distinction) in the Traditions of Yoga and Meditation from SOAS, University of London and I am in the research phase of a Doctorate in feminine liberation through sexuality and spirituality.

I firmly believe that attention given to the emotional or spiritual body is the foundation for good mental and physical health. I began a daily meditation practice in 2001, devoting 1 and 4 hours every day to chanting, yoga and meditation. I encourage my clients to pay the attention to spiritual well-being in order to maintain an emotional equilibrium to aid healing and recovery.

My published work DRAGON KING’S DAUGHTER – ADVENTURES OF A SEX AND LOVE ADDICT narrates a transformational story of how sexual shame became the source of power, strength and unconditional happiness. I am currently writing a second book, the sequel to DRAGON KING’S DAUGHTER and continues to research the symbiotic relationship between spiritual wellbeing and its positive impact on physical and mental health.

I hold a Certificate in Counselling Skills (NCFE CACHE Level 2), a Diploma in Therapeutic Laser from the UK Institute of Therapeutic Laser Practitioners (UKITL) and approved as a Training Consultant in Therapeutic Laser. I am a member of the British Medical Laser Association (BMLA). My professional training courses are approved by the BMLA. I am a full member of the Complementary Medical Association.

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