Academic study

"I love becoming so immersed in a subject that I realise how little I really know about anything".

English and Theatre Studies BA (Hons) Upper Second at Lancaster University (1989).

Traditions of Yoga and Meditation MA (Distinction) at SOAS (2017).

I joined the Religion and Philosophy faculty at SOAS to explore the ancient relationship between mind, body and spirit.

The course traced the roots of meditative practice and its impact on physical and mental health. It focused on ancient historical texts within the Taoist tradition and its connection with Chinese Medicine, Brahmanism and Ayurvedic Medicine, Ancient and Modern Yoga traditions, and how the ancient Buddhist tradition developed across centuries culminating in an atheistic contemporary mindfulness practice.

My final dissertation paper was a study of women in the early Buddhist tradition and their relationship with meditative practice.

You can access this paper on Academia.Edu.