"I've written a lot of copy over the years, for many  commercial and public sector clients. Now I write engaging web copy that also maximises search engine optimisation".

I hit the digital road running in the 1990s with Web 1.0, Ip and DNS.

As Sales and Marketing Director for an early start-up Internet provider I was responsible for introducing the new world to the UK business community. The work involved concept communication. Bringing the Internet to a sceptical public who had no idea what it was, where it came from and what it would become…

From there I founded an early new media agency – Hyper Digital. Here, I combined technology with creative. We took traditional brand communication online – for Polaroid, Capital Radio,, These were fun days. Web 1.0 days. I developed strategy and messaging for a variety of brands and wrote web friendly content with technology principles in mind. I spoke at conferences. We won awards.

A Canadian based tech company purchased Hyper in 2004, and for a while I travelled trans-Atlantic as COO – helping to develop business across North America and Europe. Larger contracts called me back to the UK. I worked in Government for a while, leading comms for a Driving Standards Public Consultation and helping to articulate NHS Strategy for World Class Commissioning. From there I consulted for large brand communication agencies – in design, TV and film.

Throughout all of this I have written copy for many different companies, brands and public sector organisations including the Department for Transport and the NHS.

Now my passion is to master the art of writing copy for Search Engine Optimisation. I work with a SEO specialist to produce the most effective web communications, that not only engage people, but also stand out to the back-end technology platforms, such as Google. I work with various publishing software programmes such as Wordpress, and use a number of optimisation tools to enhance words on the page.